It is no longer enough to have a computer-accessible website. As mobile technology and infrastructure continue to advance, constant mobile connectedness has become practical and highly desirable – so much so, that compatibility with the mobile web has become a must-have amongst tech-forward enterprises.

The code benefit of a mobile website is that it doesn’t require a user to download and install an application in order to make contact with your organization. Traffic wise, mobile websites gain 10 fold of the traffic of a comparable app.

However, the common mistake is taking an approach of assuming the transitional website will work find on mobile. Nothing can be further from this reality. Screen size, bandwidth constrains, user interface (such as touch screen) and device compatibility to name but a few, pose surmountable challenges to the way your consumer experience your content on their mobile device. Mobile web requires taking a different approach to the way your content is viewed on mobile devices and to the way it is maintained on mobile devices. Careful changes must be made to adapt existing properties for optimal mobile navigation and interaction, as a frustrating or confusing user experience will not serve to impress or empower potential customers or partners

Let Mobile Alchemy work with you to build web properties that are mobile web browser compliant. Be heard – everywhere.

Advanced UI development
Peerless device sensing technology
Content and behavior tracking through analytic integration
Easy migration of existing assets and cross-platform transparency

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